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Break Drug and Alcohol Addiction with Non 12-Step Treatment Programs

It is human nature to continually seek new methods that work better than what has traditionally been done. One great example of this is looking at how addiction treatment is evolving. Because of increased knowledge and understanding, we are slowly but surely moving away from the traditional 12-step methods as they cause many to feel overwhelmed and hopeless. These types of programs make addicts feel they have to suffer through a lifelong struggle of dependency without any potential for a full recovery. For some that enroll, the notion that "relapse is part of recovery" opens the door to continued drug or alcohol use. These individuals justify using by suggesting that this is simply "part of recovery." Unfortunately, this has been the prevalent method of battling substance abuse for a long time.

It should come as no surprise that when thinking about recovery, often the first thought that comes to mind is group therapy. They see it portrayed throughout popular media and mentioned in the news. Yet there is a reason that fewer than 10% of those struggling with alcohol or drug dependency find success with these traditional programs. Those who struggle with this type of treatment often refer to it as "the twelve steps to nowhere."

The truth about addiction: You do not have a disease, you are not powerless against your drug or alcohol addiction, you do not have to submit to a higher power - or be labeled an addict for the rest of your life.

The truth behind 12-step programs is that they don't work. There have been countless examples that make it clear that these traditional therapies are not beneficial for anyone, and in some cases may even be worse than not seeking out any help at all.

Alcoholics Anonymous was one of the programs examined in a recent review. It states that it was apparent early on in the review process that there was no evidence that would suggest the twelve steps did anything to reduce the severity of substance abuse. There was also no evidence to suggest that 12-step interventions were successful in helping people avoid relapsing after being sober or to help them stay in treatment. However, for those that suggest a single study is not enough to prove that they do not work, we agree.

Even people who previously supported the AA/NA therapy method later realized that these facilities are nothing but smoke and mirrors. One of the most well-known examples of this realization comes from Charles Bufe who wrote Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure that you are able to read here. In his second edition of his book, he freely admits that his viewpoint on traditional treatment methods has drastically changed. Why you ask? Because he discovered the ineffectiveness of these treatments and the fact that they prey on people that feel socially ostracized and lonely.

Selecting a Successful Non 12-Step Rehab

The vast majority of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in the US are traditional 28-day rehab centers that only provide 12-step treatment. This can make it difficult to find non-12-step drug rehab centers due to limited availability; however, some extremely successful programs do exist.

When looking for one of the better facilities, you will want to find a rehabilitation program that provides more than 28 days of treatment. Research shows that long-term non 12-step drug and alcohol rehab centers have dramatically higher success rates. In addition to length of stay, these facilities should deliver one-on-one counseling to address underlying issues that are the reason WHY the addiction exists in the first place. Additionally, non-twelve step rehabs should also focus on providing the person with the tools needed to rehabilitate personal responsibility and pro-survival decision making abilities, which gives the ability to confront issues in the future without the need to resort back to drugs or alcohol.

Some of the best non-12-step treatment programs that have the highest success rates also include a biophysical rehab method. This is because drug and alcohol addiction has two primary factors that subsequently follow substance abuse:

  1. The mental / emotional reliance
  2. The physical dependency / cravings

Both factors need to be individually addressed for complete rehabilitation and relapse prevention.

Why it is Different

Unlike a traditional treatment that requires you to put your fate in someone else's hands, a non 12-step program believes in scientific research and empirical evidence. Why believe that you are always going to fail when you can believe in the doctors and counselors available? Why discount the evidence from those patients who have successfully recovered in the past without suffering a relapse? Empower yourself by taking control of your own life. No one has ever said that overcoming dependency is going to be easy, but it is something that is possible.

Whereas traditional recovery enrolls you in a lifelong continuum; non 12-step programs have a very clear pattern. This means that there is a beginning, and where there is a beginning there is an end too. Even at its most successful, 12-step groups consider you a "recovering addict that is doing well." Compare that to more modern alternative options at their most successful. There you are a person who has once struggled with addiction, but is now cured and able to move on with life. Do you see the difference in the two perspectives?

The most important difference between the two is that non-traditional treatment recognizes the fact that everyone requires a different approach. Even if two people from the same town, same age, with the same addiction to the same drug came in, their reasons for addiction and their eventual road to recovery could be different. There is no "one size fits all" approach to overcoming these problems. No plan that is successful for one person is guaranteed the same level of success with another individual. There is no need to be shamed into believing you are somehow not able to recover from addiction when you have the option to make a change for the better.

While there is nothing wrong with spirituality or belief in a higher power, the moment you use it to teach people that they are unable to do things on their own, it becomes problematic. You have the ability to make a change in your life or the life of someone that you care about. If you are serious about learning more about alternative treatment options, pick up the phone and call today to speak with one of our professional counselors.

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