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Florida Alcohol & Drug Rehab

The Failure of People in FL Entering Rehab

Many Floridians Hide Their Addictions Instead of Seeking Help

Most people who have a substance abuse problem don't think they do. They might have been abusing alcohol or drugs for years but will never admit they have a problem. Unfortunately, the longer someone uses a substance, the more difficult it is to end the addiction. Another problem that makes it difficult to end an addiction is previously trying and failing. This happens more often than it should and is usually because people chose the wrong rehab method.

The Current Situation

Narcotic traffickers can easily enter through its ports in Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami, making these parts the most active with illicit activity. Narcotics come in from such areas as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

The number of Floridians who abuse narcotics is the same as the national average of 8 percent; but the amount of drug-related deaths in the state is higher than national average. Marijuana use is highest, followed by opiates which include prescription medication used for non-medical purposes. In an effort to combat the rising use of pharmaceutical abuse, a database called The Electronic – Florida Online Reporting of Controlled Substances Evaluation program (E-FORCSE) was developed. The database's aim is to encourage health care practitioners to use a safer prescribing approach regarding controlled substances.

The pharmaceutical oxycodone is of particular concern in the state, which has been called the "epicenter of a prescription drug abuse epidemic." People get oxycodone from pain clinics and so-called "pill mills" which are found in storefronts. Here, doctors prescribe 10 times more oxycodone than all other places in the nation, and I-75 is known as the "oxy express," which refers to people from other parts of the nation using this interstate to get to one of the countless pill mills.

Another area of concern is youth involvement with narcotics. The Office of National Drug Control Policy offers grants to communities that are making an effort to prevent youth substance abuse. To date, the ONDCP has provided grants to over 24 coalitions across the counties to help with their community efforts.

Other Drug Problems in Florida

Narcotic Use in FL

Cocaine – Cocaine is associated with more violent crimes than any other substance in the state, and is the primary destination for cocaine that is smuggled in the United States from South America.

Heroin – Most heroin in FL comes from South America, with some being the Mexican black tar variety. Miami is the main transportation hub for heroin.

Methamphetamine – Used mostly in rural areas, methamphetamine can be found in suburbs and urban parts. Central parts see the most meth use, and is often associated with violent crime. Methamphetamine is produced in meth labs in northern areas as well as brought into the state from California, Mexico and some southwestern states.

Marijuana – Most of the marijuana is grown in Jamaica or Mexico; with some grown in-state or brought in from California, Canada and Colombia.

MDMA – More commonly known as ecstasy; this narcotic is widely available. It is especially popular in the metropolitan areas of Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami. It is also popular in Gainesville and Tallahassee near the colleges and universities as this is one of the many common party drugs.

Admit You Need Help

Once you or your loved one can admit to needing help, the next step is to determine what will be the best Florida addiction rehab program. FL residents can call a toll-free number that puts them in contact with a trained counselor who can provide valuable assistance.

The number to call is 1-800-844-9706

Choosing the right Florida substance abuse facility will make the difference between success and failure. It is frustrating for a person to be in and out of treatment, only to relapse and feel hopeless. Eventually, without the proper help, a person might resign themselves to a life of addiction. This is tragic and unnecessary. A successful substance abuse treatment program addresses the exact needs of each individual seeking help. For those who have tried an outpatient facility or a 12-step program in the past and have failed, know that they are not the only solution available. There are many other better rehabilitation methods which have higher documented success rates.

It can be practically impossible for someone with a long-term addiction to narcotics to imagine being free from their addiction - but it is possible.

Useful Resources for FL

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